Thank-you for showing an interest in The Dragons Spirit Taekwon-Do Club - An Official Branch of International Taekwon-Do.

Below is our current pricing for 2017 and training details. Students may join our club from 10 years of age.

Please note: Prices are subject to change and are by no means fixed.
Head Instructor: Mr. Kane Raukura (6th Degree Black Belt and International Instructor)

Training Times: Monday - 6.00pm to 7.30pm and Thursday - 6.00pm to 7.30pm (Senior Ranks train to 8.30pm)
Pricing Schedule 2017

Life Membership Fee (initial registration) : $70.00 per person / Families $120.00.
Monthly Tuition
1 Student $50, 2 Students (Same family) $80, 3 Students (Same family) $100, 4 Students (Same family) $110, 5 Students (Same family) $130.
A discount of 15% is given if the year is paid for in advance. Please note, advanced payments are non-refundable unless prior apology and notification given. Refunds will not be given for missed individual training sessions.

Please Note: As we are a large club, payment of fees by Direct Debit will be organised with all new members. A Direct Debit form will be provided to you along with your Membership Application. Both must be handed in fully completed.

Annual Fee
$35.00 per person / $70.00 only for 2 or more in the same family (included in your first year of joining, only charged every subsequent year).

Grading Fees (3 per year) - fee is rank dependant and increases as you progress, this reflects the extra time, preparation and time in front of the Examiner.
Gradings between 10th and 7th Gup - $55.00
Gradings between 7th and 4th Gup - $65.00
Gradings between 4th and 1st Gup - $75.00
Black Belt Grading Fee: For latest fee prices for Black Belts, please ask for more information.

Training Uniform / Dobok: $85 - $125 (Size and grade dependant). We supply and will fit you appropriately.

New Coloured Belt: $10.00 (required after particular gradings as students move up the ranks)

Miscellaneous costs: Varying events that students may attend occur on a regular basis throughout the year, these may include tournaments, camps or seminar fees. Other costs that arise as students’ progress are: a mouth guard, sparring protective gear.
PLEASE NOTE: Beginners receive a two week trial period of training at no charge. There is no commitment during this trial period. For younger applicants, this period may be used to assess whether or not they are ready to start at this particular time.