Grading Results


Well done to all our passes! Especially the A-Pass and Double Grade students. Exceptional! Things to note that stand out across the board:
  • Sine wave for many an issue.
  • Angles of blocking and attack often out.
  • Stances and feet angles.
  • Flying kicks for seniors an issue.
  • Higher grades need to know all previous content.
  • Coming to attention, quick responses and etiquette need fixing for many!
Simran - Pass
Examiner Comment: X fist pressing block finishes to high, angles of attack out, sine wave bobbing, extend kicks better, improve pattern rhythm. W shape block needs work. Body facing often out. Step ok. Ensure you know everything underneath your grade well.
Phil - Pass -
Examiner Comment: W shape block needs work, twin upset incorrect, wrong Joong Gun release, impact power low for guy your size.
Tess - A Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Hip needs to lead, w shape no hip, need to extend kicks, distance in step, often to close, can't extend. Focus out on breaking - good measure but low.
Keua - Pass
Examiner Comment: Side kick looks like turning kick, very tidy but need to get moving in sparring, pressing block? Extend your kicks better and watch the attacking tool. Focus out on breaking - good measure but low.
Mahima - Pass
Examiner Comment: Need to control your power, keeping technique clean throughout, accuracy and technical standard low, sparring needs more confidence, needs a large amount of work for next time.
Savannah - A Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Release in Joong Gun incorrect / wrong execution. Focus out on breaking - good measure but high. Watch contact.
Mose - Pass
Examiner Comment: Watch your off hand, x stance incorrect facing, back foot followed through in x-stance, extend your kicks, sine wave needs work. Good break.
Tiana - Pass-
Examiner Comment: A lot of work needed. Low spirit and technique needs big tidy up. Low fitness obvious. You must lift your game at this grade level. Good break.

Noah - A Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Side kicks need extension and eyes looking away while kicking, sparring use more hands in close quarters. Really good effort.
Lara - Pass -
Examiner Comment: a lot of work all round needed, work on jumping and attack / blocking angles. Attacking tools not good. Suggested 6 month stand down unless vast improvement at this level.
Carolyn - A Pass (well done)
Examiner Comment: Rear foot stance in Joong gun missing, w shape blocks need work, no use of hip and core.
Shilpa - Pass
Examiner Comment: extension of kicks needed, sparring really needs work, L-stances need work, watch dodging in sparring. Great potential but a little sloppy. Need to step up to the higher ranks and practice more diligently.
Tyson - Pass
Examiner Comment: Body facing and posture need work, intermediate sine wave, good pass, lean to much in kicks, accuracy and technical standard in patterns need work.
Sean - A Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Rhythm and sine wave need improving, need more beauty in the pattern not just grunt, sparring more combinations required and care of the technical details. A lot to still work on, you rely on natural ability too much.
Brasilia - Pass
Examiner Comment: Power low at the start, great potential here, angle in blocks/attacks out, sparring good (a shame energy seen in sparring didn't translate elsewhere).
Alex - Pass
Examiner Comment: Angle of blocks often incorrect, sparring too back and forth (no dodging) and lack of variety, low power at the start and hand foot breath co-ordination out. Leaning forward often.
Anthony - Pass -
Examiner Comment: Side kick chamber poor and delivery of tool from the ground, bending stance needs work, back leg bent, rising side kick, self defence needs work .
Caitlin - Pass
Examiner Comment: narrow walking stance, leaning on walking stance, lengthen L-stance, loading double forearm too far back. Good grading overall, stances let you down though.
Liam - A pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: self defence recovery, fast punches in patterns too slow, watch your stances. A really good effort for 8y.o.
Yashneel - Pass
Examiner Comment: L-stance back foot angle incorrect, not extending side kick, twin forearm wide, sloppy in some areas and no flow in patterns and sparring, leaning forward a bit. Decline from last grading.
Nirisha - A pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Nice turning kick, work on hip movement, hooking block half facing, step sparring timing needs work.
Taione - Pass
Examiner Comment: Back leg bent in walking stance, no impact power, side kick looks like turning kick, spirit low, very loose across the board. Home practice essential.
Fred - Pass
Examiner Comment: Watch off hand to hip, fixed stance length off, L-stance odd looking - too wide and back foot out. Good potential and good patterns. Tidy up technical stuff for better pass.
Zaheer - Pass-
Examiner Comment: A huge number of errors to fix, six months probation before next grading.
Aaqil - Pass
Examiner Comment: Watch stances and bobbing sine wave, stances often too short, you must know grades underneath (e.g. previous step sparring).

Devarsh - Pass-
Examiner Comment: Potential but underpar for your grade, sparring and self defence needs real work.
Matt - Pass-
Examiner Comment: Real nerves, body facings often out, tense, fundamental / basics need focus, good power and spirit but this will only take you so far, really try to work on technical for next time.
Conrad - A Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Not impressed with sparring - just brawling (fast, but more technique required), sine wave needs work, intermediate in side kick, need to be serious more, too tense at times. Still plenty to work on but solid grading and good potential.
Sam - Double grade to Blue Stripe 5th Gup (excellent effort!)
Examiner Comment: Angle of blocks need work and watch the focus. Good spirit and serious potential. Beyond grade currently at. Double grade comes as a challenge and with stipulations: you must be 100% ready for the first grading in 2015 or else you must wait till the middle of the year grading with Master McPhail. Rise to the challenge Sam.
Thomas - Pass-
Examiner Comment: Overloading chamber, hand foot eye coordination needs work, technical errors especially facings and off hand, step sparring angle of blocks out, very strong but needs to direct power. Elbow sticking out in guarding block.
Tony - Pass
Examiner Comment: Power in kicks low, loading funny in kicks, leaning forward and hunching in basics and patterns, angle of blocks often out, stances need work, lower your mass more in your stances, need to sit into stances.
Karthik - Pass
Examiner Comment: Crossing in the front of your body, ski jump hand, stances need work - especially back foot angle in your walking stance, too soft in step sparrring, angles in blocks and distance and timing. Really good potential - tidy up these technical issues for a better grade.
Kua - Pass
Examiner Comment: Often too soft and lacking spirit and confidence. Make some noise and put in more power. Great potential but lacking conviction and effort. Technically tidy but need the spirit. Focus on step out and chamber of basic kicks.

Tommy - Pass
Examiner Comment: Good potential and ability. Watch short stances and sine wave.
Dat - Pass
Examiner Comment: Narrow stances and focus out in step step sparring. Watch your back foot angle in your walking stance.
Daniel - Pass
Examiner Comment: Stamping as you step, leaning forward to much.
Diane - Pass
Examiner Comment: More impact power needed in your technique and watch your balance.
Van "a.k.a. Billy" Thach - Requested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Good solid grading. Watch sine wave and extension of kicks.
Tuka - Unrequested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Good spirit and power. Watch focus in patterns and angles of blocks. Keep your eyes up.
Bun - Unrequested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Patterns good and crisp. Nice basics.

Paula - Unrequested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment:  Good potential and overall standard. Concentrate and listen well.

Josh - Unrequested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: Eyes often down - you must focus ahead. Strong grading and good power.

Vince - Unrequested Double Grade to 8th Gup - Pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: A short time since registration but doing well. Keep it up.

Piseth - A pass (well done!)
Examiner Comment: A solid grading but stiff in a lot of places and chamber is often incorrect.