Covid-19 Official Information for Clubs

Covid-19 Latest Update from the ITKD Board of NZ

The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to cause major disruptions across the world. ITKD in NZ has attempted to succinctly communicate the latest information and current Alert Level / Traffic Light impacts to its membership and instructors. As the environment is a constantly changing one, this has been no easy task.

The latest release from the Board can be accessed below:
Please be aware that this document is fluid and may change. If this occurs the new relevant material will be uploaded.

This document guides me as your instructor, along with all other MOH guidelines, with a way to ensure that ALL our members are as safe as reasonably possible and that they can train in an environment that maintains all the necessary COVID-19 protocols and expert advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any concerns.

Kindest regards, Master Kane Raukura
Head Instructor

Important Information for all current students

Training at alert level orange

We will be operating under the government mandate for operating at traffic light orange so we will be enforcing the vaccine passes. This is a government mandate and if you are unvaccinated and over the age of 12 years 3 months then we look forward to seeing you once Auckland reaches traffic light green. Please note, no monthly fees are payable for January training sessions. We will resume fees from the 1st of February (or you can use your January fee to pay your National registration).

Things to note:

- Please wear full dobok and bring a drink bottle and small towel
- Vaccine passes are required for anyone entering the dojang (including parents). Children under 12 years, 3 months are exempt.
- Lanyard with your ITKD numbers to be used to scan into training EVERY TIME. New lanyards will be available from Ms Drylie. Please bring your lanyard on Monday if you have one (you can still come to training without one but please let Ms Drylie know so we can organise a new lanyard)
- Parents must scan in using Covid QR code and show their vaccine pass and photo ID to enter the dojang. If you are unvaccinated we unfortunately cannot allow you to come inside the dojang but you are welcome to wait outside and/or collect your child from outside the dojang.
- Contact is allowed (self defense, sparring, drills on pads etc)

Face masks
Face masks are required for students (over 12 years 3 months) and parents unless you are exercising. Face masks must be worn when entering the dojang and until form up is called unless you are warming up. Face masks must be put on again after training to exit the dojang. We will have masks available should you need one.

Vaccine Pass
Just to clarify, if you are over 12 years, 3 months old then we need to see a valid vaccine pass before you can enter the dojang. The best option is to either send the pdf to me to check off on our database or bring this in on your phone on your next visit. Please note, we do need a high resolution copy of the QR code or it will not scan (the original pdf works perfectly). If you clip the pdf and save it as a smaller file then the resolution on the QR becomes blurry and will not scan. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early if you have not registered your vaccine pass ahead of time.

You can request a vaccine pass at

Your purple vaccination card is not a vaccine pass.

If you are under 12 years, 3 months then no vaccine pass is required and you can attend training.